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When I started shuffling and tuning into the question of a message for the collective's highest wellness I got a number three(3) in my head, so we're expecting three cards.

The first card that popped out when shuffling was Queen of Swords. The second card went perpendicular while shuffling to signal it wanted to be picked - Seven of Wands. The third card was a little elusive, stumbling across a couple that didn't feel right until we arrived with the pull of King of Swords. It was floating out of the deck.


We may feel strong but we are also blind to something

We can't quite know what we're fighting if we're not looking

Feels like a reminder right now to balance your power and how much you're giving to the outside world

The thing you also don't see is the land that you're on and the passion around you

Make sure your strength doesn't come at a cost


A little bit more protection energy here

This feels like what our day-to-day has been feeling like - like we're just like walking around with a bunch of heavy sticks on our head to protect from the heavy waves, trying to stay on the ground and not being affected by all the stuff that comes along with intense water every day

This is the spiritual dance - chop wood and carry water - of the every day

What are you finding for you that works?


Pretty cool drawing that after drawing the Queen of Swords

It's almost a sense of losing ourselves - like the power we're clinging to with Queen of Swords we're almost yielding as King of Swords

An encouragement to lose yourself and become one with the Earth, your passions, perceived wealth - these are all just aspects of this Earthly experience

Can we become one in relationship to all

Only then are we not looking and that's peace

Tune into that part of you that is truly given over to the Divine as much as possible throughout your days

That's what we're moving into

This is all a dream anyway

Remember that you're strong in a way that transcends your experience of strength

Think about Earth as an indication of how many things can happen at the same time


As always, savor what resonates and release what does not - these are general readings for the collective and may not be for you - not everything is about you...jkjk but seriously thanks for coming by and reading and being here

Thank you Tarot del Fuego and the Angels and Guides that came through for this messaging

It's pretty wild two of the cards that came out when I was shuffling the Soul Whispered Oracle deck were cards I pulled for previous collective readings I think. Three cards came out face down while shuffling the Muse Tarot cards. Let's start with those.

5 - The Hierophant

There's grief that comes up here.

We're on our way but there's grief.

I good to feel like you're on your way and also pausing to grieve. We are where we are because of what we've let go of. We can experience so many aspects of ourselves in this kind of phase.

6 of Voices

We're being helped along our way. If we tune into our body we can feel how we're constantly being guided.

Let the Moon guide our thoughts.




Movement...of Earth.

Lastly 4 of Materials

Adorn your self with what you love. When you feel good, then that radiates. It compounds. It's almost like you are an even bigger flower when you blossom with all your flowers.

But remember you're on a journey. Remember so you don't get stuck here. But tend to your self along the way. This is a self-care lesson of balance.

You don't need to deprive your self til the end. Explore those pleasures along the way.

<<<The Soul Whispered Oracle cards feel more of a context to put all that in, or like a bubble that encases the previous info >>>

The first card that came out from the Soul Whispered Oracle deck was Expectation.

You feel like you're effortfully balancing your energies, but that's just a sense you have about yourself when you're active.

Remember to tune into your Truth.

When you're tuning into your truth you can better choose the people in your community.

Shine light on your expectations,

and sense the truth

so you can better choose those to support you along your way.

As with all the people I pull cards for, I ask you to sit with this read and feel into what you resonate with and let pass what does not. Feel and be with the spread and receive your own messaging or whatever clarity you may need.

This found you right when it needed to, and you are needed now more than ever <3

I felt called to pull from the Muse Tarot deck by Chris-Anne. I shuffled until three cards flipped out and over. This is either for you or not - the intention was for a message for the collective's highest wellbeing.

The overall shape of the spread that emerged has this almost goalpost or equestrian gate energy. This may not be a "blow your mind because it changes everything" but rather an encouraging cup of electrolyte and love-infused water along your current marathon.


This one jumped right out of the deck when I asked what the collective needs to hear at the moment. Feels appropriate for the energy of the card to be eager to be seen and perceived. There's an earthy rooted beauty here - maybe we are feeling the most free in a while(or ever) regarding our self-sustaining efforts.

Succulents thrive in some of the most intense ecologies and still maintain their water in gorgeous displays of symmetry - they also root efficiently and quickly while also able to live without being

When embarking on new journeys or phases it can sometimes feel lonely or barren.

We can wear our favorite shirt, or do our favorite hobby/activity, something that feels good to us. The reality is that we often forget our own beauty when the outside isn't affirming it 24/7.


Another minor arcana-type pull feeling like more of an on-the-ground 3D experience. This card came out with a bit of a message:

"You have been inspired and have completed journeys in the past. Recall those arcs during times of doubt."

I like the recovery slogan "look back but don't stare" but sometimes we need to bring the quantum in to balance a challenging course. Hype yourself up by remembering a time you graduated or achieved or succeeded or mastered or any amount of overall understanding in an area you once knew nothing. Feel how you felt when you felt on top of the world so-to-speak. Get emotional about your story!


This last card came out sort of like a warning or a "bottom of the deck" kind of energy. Don't center this but keep it in mind. Beware of your tendency to shy away from actually stepping into your power. Maybe this is a new feeling or a new version of an old feeling.

You are guided and have been led to where you are for a reason.

Fives want to move. Release expectations so you don't "feel" like this is a plausible ending. Expect to be surprised by results and keep an awareness of your motivation and when you feel like you want to quit.

Self care is great, but don't let that be an excuse to do too little for where your current needs are.

As always, feel into what resonates and release what does not :)

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