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From When My Soul Whispered Oracle:

The Boundaries card is interesting. The image of a hummingbird. As we come into Spring, hummingbirds are a nice reminder of boundaries and reciprocity and how those are linked. Hummingbirds have that long beak that allows them to be in relationship with flowers and to get what they need without ruining the flower. They're also very elusive. And in many ways an interesting example of boundaries because sometimes keeping boundaries means taking care of our selves so much so that people never really see us - or we really have to use our speed and fly away or hide.

With the yellow I get a very active energy about that.

The flow of when we interact with Spirit by taking care of our selves and tuning into our own power. Boundaries are a form of Love. Nature is reciprocal, and a form of Love.

Take some extra care to notice your own beauty; take care of your self and your own delicate nature.

Next with the Grounded card - kind of an intense image. This almost feels like reminder of when you need to get grounded. If you feel like this is what you look like on the outside then that's a good call to get grounded because there is likely a distortion present.

Grounding is important because we're all capable of so much madness.

From the guidebook: Staying grounded will ensure that you continue to take sensible steps towards your ambitions. Remember anything you envision can become tangible but only if you take measured paces toward making your dreams a reality.

This all feels like very base energy - the way we connect to the Earth. The way we bridge the gap between the Earth and our sense of self or confidence. That's all being addressed here. We're being called to ground basically, which in essence is a way to create space for Spirit to come through; an inspiration.

It's almost like the way through is to ground and to not busy our bodies with "x, y, & z"

Lastly we got Worthy. I love this card. Ladybugs are so small to us and we socially consider them to be so beautiful and elusive. Similar to the hummingbird, ladybugs are quite beautiful and I believe poisonous [internet nuanced research needed here...]

This is also a reminder that we are rarely the first point of reflection of our beauty if at all. A ladybug is just flying around eating leaves and bugs, but we come along and reflect, "wow you're beautiful!" So this card is really a simple reminder of worthiness that is inherent in us.

I'm sure it's nice to have this reflected but you don't need it to be reflected for you to feel into it.

Take a moment now to slow down and acknowledge that you are worthy, you are beautiful, and you don't need any reflections to feel into that truth. Those reflections of beauty are actually distorted by other people's sense of worthiness and sense of the world. We don't need to be a massive lion or a dragon to be worthy and powerfully beautiful.

The quote from the guidebook: "Though the lifespan of a ladybird is relatively short she makes the most of her life by allowing her beauty to shine for all to see; never doubting her worthiness."

LASTLY lastly on the bottom of the deck which felt more like a reminder is the Listen card with a conch. It feels quite literal that we don't need a special device to tune into it all, but sometimes we might make good use of one to bridge the gap. We can stand at the ocean and hear the ocean but we can also put a shell to our ear and force our selves to feel the ocean. And we can do that without being close to the ocean.

This is a call to notice more than you figure out ~ Listen more than you speak ~ Respect and honor more than you manipulate and extract

Don't forget your spiritual practice. What's the thing you do that makes you feel the most connected to all that is? The shell has that sacred geometry - the golden ratio - a piece of art like a flower in a small format that we can see and hold. As opposed to the ocean or the planets where we have to force a zoom out, the shell is right there and we see it's perfection.

Recalling the same energy when you're a kid and you're in admiration of shells and the ocean. You're not trying to figure out what you need them for or where they come from, you're just in a wonderment of the beauty of it all. And that just comes from listening and being receptive, which inherently means stopping the pushing, the action, in order to receive.

This reminder hints at our ability to do all the three cards in the spread; slowing down to listen will create space to notice our beauty...if and/or how we need notice where our boundaries are or where they are needed, or even how to navigate an existing boundary.

Just remember that you're worth it and you're beautiful :)

All the fuss you feel is just a product of you forgetting that you're a part of everything that is. The anxiety and fear is the mind running away from the body and Spirit. Listening can inherently provide the technology to align and feel into that sense of oneness which isn't stagnant; it moves like the ocean. It just crashes and booms. But as it moves it is one. It's our perception of it being separate processes that distract us from the fact that it is all here and now with you.

Hope you can take time for yourself this week to slow down and notice where you need care and tending to because if you try to navigate by acknowledging every bit of difference in the world - if you were to try to take the ocean and acknowledge every single way you would lose the forest for the trees. And that mix of metaphors feels like the end of this transmission <3

When I started shuffling and tuning into the question of a message for the collective's highest wellness I got a number three(3) in my head, so we're expecting three cards.

The first card that popped out when shuffling was Queen of Swords. The second card went perpendicular while shuffling to signal it wanted to be picked - Seven of Wands. The third card was a little elusive, stumbling across a couple that didn't feel right until we arrived with the pull of King of Swords. It was floating out of the deck.


We may feel strong but we are also blind to something

We can't quite know what we're fighting if we're not looking

Feels like a reminder right now to balance your power and how much you're giving to the outside world

The thing you also don't see is the land that you're on and the passion around you

Make sure your strength doesn't come at a cost


A little bit more protection energy here

This feels like what our day-to-day has been feeling like - like we're just like walking around with a bunch of heavy sticks on our head to protect from the heavy waves, trying to stay on the ground and not being affected by all the stuff that comes along with intense water every day

This is the spiritual dance - chop wood and carry water - of the every day

What are you finding for you that works?


Pretty cool drawing that after drawing the Queen of Swords

It's almost a sense of losing ourselves - like the power we're clinging to with Queen of Swords we're almost yielding as King of Swords

An encouragement to lose yourself and become one with the Earth, your passions, perceived wealth - these are all just aspects of this Earthly experience

Can we become one in relationship to all

Only then are we not looking and that's peace

Tune into that part of you that is truly given over to the Divine as much as possible throughout your days

That's what we're moving into

This is all a dream anyway

Remember that you're strong in a way that transcends your experience of strength

Think about Earth as an indication of how many things can happen at the same time


As always, savor what resonates and release what does not - these are general readings for the collective and may not be for you - not everything is about you...jkjk but seriously thanks for coming by and reading and being here

Thank you Tarot del Fuego and the Angels and Guides that came through for this messaging

It's pretty wild two of the cards that came out when I was shuffling the Soul Whispered Oracle deck were cards I pulled for previous collective readings I think. Three cards came out face down while shuffling the Muse Tarot cards. Let's start with those.

5 - The Hierophant

There's grief that comes up here.

We're on our way but there's grief.

I good to feel like you're on your way and also pausing to grieve. We are where we are because of what we've let go of. We can experience so many aspects of ourselves in this kind of phase.

6 of Voices

We're being helped along our way. If we tune into our body we can feel how we're constantly being guided.

Let the Moon guide our thoughts.




Movement...of Earth.

Lastly 4 of Materials

Adorn your self with what you love. When you feel good, then that radiates. It compounds. It's almost like you are an even bigger flower when you blossom with all your flowers.

But remember you're on a journey. Remember so you don't get stuck here. But tend to your self along the way. This is a self-care lesson of balance.

You don't need to deprive your self til the end. Explore those pleasures along the way.

<<<The Soul Whispered Oracle cards feel more of a context to put all that in, or like a bubble that encases the previous info >>>

The first card that came out from the Soul Whispered Oracle deck was Expectation.

You feel like you're effortfully balancing your energies, but that's just a sense you have about yourself when you're active.

Remember to tune into your Truth.

When you're tuning into your truth you can better choose the people in your community.

Shine light on your expectations,

and sense the truth

so you can better choose those to support you along your way.

As with all the people I pull cards for, I ask you to sit with this read and feel into what you resonate with and let pass what does not. Feel and be with the spread and receive your own messaging or whatever clarity you may need.

This found you right when it needed to, and you are needed now more than ever <3

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