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A chapter in our journey

It's pretty wild two of the cards that came out when I was shuffling the Soul Whispered Oracle deck were cards I pulled for previous collective readings I think. Three cards came out face down while shuffling the Muse Tarot cards. Let's start with those.

5 - The Hierophant

There's grief that comes up here.

We're on our way but there's grief.

I good to feel like you're on your way and also pausing to grieve. We are where we are because of what we've let go of. We can experience so many aspects of ourselves in this kind of phase.

6 of Voices

We're being helped along our way. If we tune into our body we can feel how we're constantly being guided.

Let the Moon guide our thoughts.




Movement...of Earth.

Lastly 4 of Materials

Adorn your self with what you love. When you feel good, then that radiates. It compounds. It's almost like you are an even bigger flower when you blossom with all your flowers.

But remember you're on a journey. Remember so you don't get stuck here. But tend to your self along the way. This is a self-care lesson of balance.

You don't need to deprive your self til the end. Explore those pleasures along the way.

<<<The Soul Whispered Oracle cards feel more of a context to put all that in, or like a bubble that encases the previous info >>>

The first card that came out from the Soul Whispered Oracle deck was Expectation.

You feel like you're effortfully balancing your energies, but that's just a sense you have about yourself when you're active.

Remember to tune into your Truth.

When you're tuning into your truth you can better choose the people in your community.

Shine light on your expectations,

and sense the truth

so you can better choose those to support you along your way.

As with all the people I pull cards for, I ask you to sit with this read and feel into what you resonate with and let pass what does not. Feel and be with the spread and receive your own messaging or whatever clarity you may need.

This found you right when it needed to, and you are needed now more than ever <3

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