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We're Trying To Find Stability: a collective card reading

photo of card spread - Tarot del Fuego deck - left to right NINE OF WANDS, KNIGHT OF CUPS (reversed), KING OF WANDS, SIX OF WANDS, and a clear quartz crystal above the spread

We're Trying To Find Stability: a collective card reading for the Highest most expansive wellbeing of all, and harm to none:

Feeling called to pull three cards

Three stacks popped out of the deck

In triangulation of how you're feeling, with some reassurances

Tarot del Fuego - KNIGHT OF CCUPS (reversed)

9 of Cups reversed

You might be feeling like you're not special

You might be feeling that you're contorting your self into a place that you don't want to be

Or is it just the discomfort that comes with trying something different than what you consider as usual for you - the reverse still has that same energy of the knight and because it's with emotions I'm feeling maybe it's trying something new that's uncomfy...

I'm wondering if there's anything in your current experience that feels negatively like "this is what happens when you try something new"

Because look we're in alignment, this 6 of Wands

Tarot del Fuego - SIX OF WANDS

It feels maybe kind of intense, but there's also something about the image - every monster has a little twig for its mouth

I also get a spiritual sense with a 6 relating to guidance

This idea that G-d doesn't give you anything you can't handle - if you're here grappling with it, then you are literally able to handle some degree

This isn't to gaslight or enable oppressive ableist behavior, it's a reframing from another perspective - is this a call to action and agency?

So if this is the base of our triangle, the idea that we're being taken care of and it might feel a little twisted right now, we're supporting this masculine energy of the

Tarot del Fuego - KING OF WANDS

King of Wands - feels very Aries to me

That fiery inspiration of wands

The action of wands

The sense that we are in the driver's seat of our life

Control can be a good thing - we need some form of control to navigate the physical

It's not all a freefall - at some point we're controlling some thing - think of control as a dial, if turned up too high can be problematic

I'm also getting this King of Wands energy really requires the Spiritual

What if our crown that we wear isn't actually on our head so we don't ever take ownership of it?

...the crown is just an energetic hue to our aura having mastered something or having moved into the driver's seat of our life...which ultimately makes us a creator

What does it mean to embody all that you are with confidence?

...without hiding it?

What sort of wisdom and clarity is apparent in you?

Tarot del Fuego - NINE OF WANDS

On the bottom of the deck we have the 9 of Wands - a little reminder that we're nearing the end of something

I have this analogy metaphor thingy about setting boundaries; that it feels like plugging up a hose with your thumb - the water pressure gets really intense at the very end when you're right about to fully plug it

Expect there to be a sense of uncertainty

Expect that when you reach the end of a treacherous path, that too may feel unstable

You don't have to change anything, just acknowledge that this could be part of this journey

That's the vibe I get through all of this - we're trying to find stability

Photo underneath green tree leaves with a solar flare from top right

There's desire for stability but from the pull I get the reassurance that this too is "stable"

We might want to label orderliness as stable and disorderliness as unstable...maybe there's a neutral, for lack of a better word, way to view "stability" in a sustainable sense

How are you growing

And can you acknowledge that this too is stable, that this too is trending with stability?

Photo of an ornate metal gate with a metallic flat sun sculpture with a face, white gate brown brass sun face

Take good care as we navigate the fiery charge of Spring through another eclipse amidst a Mercury retrograde...

Remember that when we seek guidance we are likely just wanting affirmation or space to affirm our own knowing

I channel this for the collective and it may all or some or none relate and resonate

You are invited to share this reading or another moment of connection with someone you hold dear

The more interconnected we are, the softer the weight of the changing world

Much love



Trans Alchemy

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