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This is all a healing journey

cropped image of the card spread - Healing top center, and four cards on the bottom (2 The Priestess, Page of Emotions, 5 of Inspiration, 2 of Inspiration). Various images of people in mystical and spiritual settings on all cards - a red rose watercolor image on the Healing card.

2 The Priestess - image of a person in a textured blue hoodie. They have a hand up holding a crescent moon's tip to their open palm. An arc of runes behind the person

The first card we pulled is The Priestess, a two.

We are tuning into our intuition in new ways.

Trusting that this is a part of our journey - our seeking journey. And encouraging you to continue sensing into that energy (e.g. if it's challenging at the moment, remember you are a seeker and a questioner and that's part of the path).

Remember the world didn't start with you in this lifetime. Think of your ancestors - consider where you came from. Embody that to move forward.

Page of Emotions - human-like chin to waist with octopus elements around the waist, forest portal in belly, sky and sun portal in heart shape, and various fish swimming around in foreground and background

Next we got the Page of Emotions.

Watery element. This may be about your character.

Reminding you of your basics. Remember to breathe into your belly and shine with your heart.

Maybe you feel like a shapeshifter or a little alien when stepping into your power, whatever that means. But let that make you unique.

Light shines through water.

5 of Inspiration - various version of the same person floating with different types of mirrors or holes, all reflecting a cloudy sky. All in a desert of sorts.

Next we got a 5 of Inspiration (also wands).

A very reflective place to be.

Notice when we remain curious and when we look away.

This also might be a time of shifting our energy - knowing what we're capable of and shifting into a different aspect of channeling it.

Elements of Fire. This is an active phase of choice.

2 of Inspiration - white rivet texture circles in on a human in winter clothing kneeling behind a telescope and seeming to peer off the the right.

Last we got the 2 of Inspiration.

Maybe we're seeking connection. Maybe we're finally making connection.

This is another 2 like The Priestess. Along with the Page, a sense of "amateur" or "starting out" kind of energy. The feeling of the first act of whatever story this is that you're moving through.

You might need to remind your self of your power because you're at this pivotal moment where you're shining in all your unique-ness. And it's humbling to your ego because you're kind of at the beginning of something again.

Healing - watercolor red rose w/ other defined line detail

Lastly I felt called to pull an overall theme card.

We got Healing.

When I pulled it I felt this feeling of "what if this is all healing?" It might be unconventional, but you can experience and frame all this as a healing process.

Self acceptance and spiritual awakenings can all be framed as a healing process. Some might adapt an achievement based framework to life, but what about healing as a somatic practice - sensing into wholeness.

Thinking about a rose, knowing we go in phases. Sometimes a rose bush is random twigs or super cut back. Some of my neighbors even cover them with plastic bags because of the climate. And then other times they are these beautiful blooming rose flowers and the shrub is lush with rose hips scattered throughout.

Remember your phases. Acknowledge and embrace your seasons.

A suggested journal prompt(that I might even take myself lol): What phase of healing would you be in right now if this is all a healing journey?

This is a very tender read but an encouraging spiritual hand on your shoulder from your Guides. I hope you are taking care <3

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