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Image by Touann Gatouillat Vergos

Trans Alchemy

guiding intentional movement & change

MEDICINALS & GOODIES (coming soon!)

When can we help you?

  • When you're feeling unfulfilled or wanting more energy

  • When you've tried healing with other modalities without tangible results

  • When you've wanted to try coaching but that hasn't quite resonated

  • When you want guidance from a trans nonbinary & queer channel

  • When recovering from emotional events likes big presentations or holidays

  • When recovering from physical events like medical procedures or sports

  • When you're in need of a change in life and don't know what to change

  • When you notice historical patterns that you have already tried to change

  • When you want to be in community with other intentional beings whether in-person or connected through a virtual space

  • When you feel a spiritual calling to communicate more openly with your guides and energetic ecology

  • When you are ready to go deeper

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