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Unconditional Love is HERE

Pulling cards for the collective from the When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck

Two Oracle Cards, Unconditional with an image of a swan with spread wings on water and Divinity with an image of a pair of feathered wings with a halo centered at the top
An Oracle Card called Unconditional with an image of a swan with spread wings on water

The first card to pop out of the deck was Unconditional

I feel like this card is calling us to pay attention to what supports us when we're in transition. The image could be of a swan taking flight out of water or the swan settling down into the water - either way she looks peaceful and not disruptive to the water. Maybe we're feeling extra tender and this is a reminder to seek refuge in what supports us whether that's a walk outside, hanging out with a certain group of friends, relaxing some of our routines to allow our body to return to a state of rest, and/or what feels right for you in this moment.

When we're caught up in the madness of doing and doing and doing we forget that the natural state of the Universe is unconditional love. Opinions and judgements are all created within us as a separation from that natural state of the Universe.

Go easy on your self if you notice your self in judgement or opinion mode and allow your self to tap into something more expansive and loving

One Oracle Card called Divinity with an image of a pair of feathered wings with a halo centered at the top

The second card that popped out was Divinity

I don't think I've ever drawn this card from this deck before and I love it

There's something very imperfect about this card which is more wings with a halo in the top center. The orientation of the card is balanced and symmetrical but I get a sense of imperfection from the colors and the splashes. There's an expectation for the Divine to equate to perfect or flawless and I invite you to sense into the ornate nature of the wings on the card. Notice how the edges are not firm and straight but there's lots of grooves and movement.

Consider this your encouragement to keep tapping into and holding space for that which is more expansive than your self because the answers that you're looking for might look/feel different than an expectation you've been conditioned to believe.

I feel like this card's coming up with the Unconditional card because in these moments of difficulty we have simultaneously an opportunity to be on our knees so to speak or at a bottom feeling that sweet gift of desperation.

This is an opportunity to sense into, let go, and receive what's already here for you!

~ Take a moment to pause and breathe and ask for guidance without expectation and see what comes ~

From the guidebook, here are some words for a vibration of light: ENOUGH, AMPLE, ADEQUATE, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT

Thank you for reading and being here and sticking with your journey through life and all that unfolds for you and all of us <3

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