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Love so that you live in a world where Love exists!

A collective card read for what we need to hear today:

Worthy and Love cards both reversed from When My soul Whispered Oracle

I was feeling a bit of sadness tuning into this pull - my sense that there's a grief happening around something that wasn't expected. Or maybe it's around something that's been going on for a while and this is a call to acknowledge and move past and through the grief.

Maybe you've been feeling lonely, not because you're physically alone. You might feel lonely in a crowd of people or not feeling seen by your friends and family.

There might even be some anger. When you're not sensing into your inherent worthiness then everything in the world happens "to" you. People become offensive because you don't know your worth and so what everyone else says is felt as true because you're not rooted into your own worthiness.

This seems to pair well with the Love card because it doesn't feel like we're anchoring into love right now. We're being offered perspective here. It might be sad but it's time we start letting emotion be a sign that something needs to be released as opposed to a sign that we shouldn't go there.

We might not be able to do this from where we're at. We might need to revisit after sleep instead of after a long day - choosing the moments to sense into those feelings when you're rested and can create space for you to you don't have to worry about being accidentally vulnerable during a work meeting. This is your suggestion that noticing is just an initial part of transformation. We can notice all day everyday - we can notice what's wrong, what's right, the problem, the solution. But at the end of the day noticing is just a start. Can we fully accept that we've been here in this place of feeling unworthy and out of touch with love?

We're always one decision away from flipping these cards around, right side up, feeling worthy - and BEING love.

tip of shoes standing over a flowering Yarrow plant and ancestor, yellow buds in bundles

Lessons from a ladybug/ladybird:

Think about how many plants you've walked by; how many ladybugs you've walked by without noticing it. How many shrubs might have had leaves covered in ladybugs if you had stopped to look? A prime example of how living our truth, being who we are to our fullest extent is so important to our wellbeing and all the fears we have around being "seen" are inflated; most people don't care and walk right by.

There's obviously hot button topics and stuff in the current public dialectic but other aspects of who you be are essential. Maybe you want to tap into your sense of humor. Some people might not even get your jokes but, living your truth as an embodiment practice and stepping into your worthiness.

Talk about what you love, read what you want, explore your values!

White Magnolia bud fully open above a sidewalk

Lessons from the Love card:

It's not love if you're not feeling it. If it's intellectualized then it's not love, it's an opinion.

Love is a feeling; a process.

The first and middle bite of a delicious meal. Looking in the mirror into your eyes and crying, hugging your body. Going for a walk slowly and stopping to look at a tree. Listening to a dear friend without judgement or opinions but just listening and holding space.


Love so that you live in a world where Love exists!

All-in-all this read feels very much like addressing the seat of awareness and how we're individually processing, reflecting, and receiving reflections. It really starts with us. What can you do today to love your self tenderly. What's one small action you can do today to tap into the greater Love that exists in the Universe? It may be a very small thing, but find something small to do even if it's saying thank you for a few things before going to bed. Even if you're giving thanks for morning coffee, or the literal bed you're laying in, or that you have all the hair on your head, or that you don't. It doesn't have to be a deep spiritual precept.

Loving reflects that we are in a place where Love exists!

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