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Embracing Transformation: Exploring Justice, Balance, and Imagination

The first card that came out was JUSTICE, number 11 in the major arcana.

We're coming into a time where we are feeling like we're emerging and re-emerging through newer and newer lenses of what justice means. There's a lot of change being required to stay in balance...if you're choosing to stay in balance.

It's okay for it to feel not in balance because that's what balance is - sometimes we need to walk to bridge of the light to balance out the dark - sometimes we need to crack open without knowing what's to come; trusting it's coming from a place of humility and releasing the mind.

Almost like the idea of "mind-blowing" - it's gone and needs something new to happen

The way muscles get rebuilt by ripping and building over new.

There's lots of imagery in the spread around wholeness, paths to wholeness, Earth and Moon, circles, spheres

The last reminder from Justice is that it doesn't look any one way. In fact it might look quite ornate. You might not be able to say "oh it's really simple like this" it might be complex and different depending on where you are. But this is just the suggestion to embody the sense that this is true for where we are collectively so we may be less reactionary and more grounded in a place of justice as opposed to grounding ourselves in an old way of being. Can we allow this time to be transformational? So we're less surprised when stuff changes.


The next card is 21 The World Cosmos

It just feels like this is where we're headed. And today's a day to really sense into that FREEDOM

Almost like a weightlessness of Earth - a celestial upgrading - like we're being held by the Goddesses

21 numerology is a nice number. It's a 3 which is very stable. Sustainable.

The World Cosmos is really inviting us toremember that part of the way we co-create realities is through IMAGINATION. Arguably the bulk of my human experience is filtered through imagination. If we don't engage with imagination then energy goes straight from the ego mind place into the physical world.


The last card is The Moon reversed

We almost have to separate emotions from this experience. Not invalidate them because they're clearly present and integral in this entire process - we got the Moon & Justice cards, water backdrop in The World Cosmos card.

What does balance look like if we don't let our emotions rule it?

If there isn't a "right" way to do it, no pre-existing expectation of what is up and down. It all feels like getting comfortable with change.

So today maybe you can find a moment to slow down and give your self permission to be okay with change...or be more okay with change ;)

Tune in and prepare your spirit and body. See if you can come into some sort of acceptance around "change is happening"

Balance is inevitable if we choose to accept that balancing is where we are, as opposed to already expecting our self to be in a changed place. Allow where we are to exist as it is in this liminal space.

The invitation is to anchor into a liberated and sovereign imagination because that's ultimately what's going to be balancing you during these times. Bringing the LIGHT.

We're not in a time of justice and balance from too much in a time of balance from the opposite...

Take care.

Tune into your heart.

Breathe into your belly.

And may you change with ease and grace.


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