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Demons & Intuition

Today's collective card reading is from the gorgeous whimsical brood of the Dreamscape Oracle, and hits on demons and intuition...

cull card spread in triangle formation - sun bear (at top), the serpent(bottom left), the word(bottom right) next to the remaining deck with Balance upside down

When placing the cards I got a general feeling of this being a diagram, like this is supposed to highlight our human - our selves. It might be we're moving through a confusing time where it still makes sense in a flipped way, and yet we're out of balance - maybe we don't know where to go. Very "surviving" not "thriving" energy. It's like knowing you're a great person but getting stuck, entangled, before who you are can actually be reflected.

sun bear - blocky sun illustration behind upright sun bear with front lefts forward over a cloud

"Summon the strength to help steady your spirit listen to your intuition and let it guide you"

Our collective intuition is out of balance - our collective spirituality. We believe that every modality and religion etc is different. Imagine if we believed that everything was one even if what you're doing looks very different from what I'm doing.

I suppose this is a call to check in with your intuition practice - what's your relationship with your intuition these days? Your "highest" self, most loving self?

Next let's tune into The Serpent - getting very Earth-y depths energy...

the serpent card - head of serpent slithering under the roots of tree with hints of skull and smoke illustrated

Yeah...our demons...

What if a demon was manifested by a feeling or a mood? Like if you were the shittiest version of yourself - what if that was being "inhabited" by a demon?

So our demons are maybe our mood or vices...I actually don't even like "vices" because that inherent positions good and bad.

Can it be felt as a sense of balance as opposed to good or bad, just moving one way and another.

I'm also noticing that if a tree is trying to grow and the serpent is eating away at the roots. Both want something righteous for their drives, but how does that align with what you want for you!

the word card - blond angel figure with whisky curved wings floats in clouds holding a quill and paper or tablet of some kind

Lastly, The Word. (I don't think I've ever pulled this card from this deck)

I feel like this is encouraging us to share. That might be the way to integrate - start speaking, start writing down, etc. Right now we're letting our demons prevent us from feeling deeply, expansively, magically.

What's your practice of journaling or what practice do you have of getting thoughts out of your head even if it's speaking into a voice note? How are you getting thoughts out of your body? How are you physically processing your stories and experiences?

Remember a novel isn't dictated straight from the first draft, they are written and re-written and printed and re-printed, etc.


There's an imbalance

You're stuck in your demons


Simple as that, but might not be easy.

You are worth slowing down and taking time out of your days to process and digest to create space.

A SIMPLE MODELED SUGGESTION: attach a very short journaling check in to the beginning or ending of some daily or regular activity (like going to the gym, right before bed, on your lunch break, etc) and set a timer for 3 minutes for answering a question like how am I feeling? or what's present for me today? or treat the time like a private uninterrupted share of any kind I personally benefit from 10-20minutes of journaling with my meditation practice. You can make it look ANY WAY you want it to look. The entire point of this is to check in, not to change. Over time you might notice patterns and maybe feel differently which might offer up new understandings and ideas - let any "fixing" come naturally and you'd be amazing by a simple practice of checking in. <3

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