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healing, transformation, life changes - Truth

I felt called to pull one card from this La Muci Wisdom Oracle Deck and one card from the When My Soul Whispered Oracle Deck.

You might look back and think you have to hold on as hard as you did along the way, but you just have to focus on what you need to hold onto right now for where you're at.

Flowers eventually die and return to the soil. A goal is finished the moment you have finished striving for it. We are allowed to hold space for sadness amidst all the excitement. I like to think about excitement in a literal general sense - sometimes it's uncomfortable and overwhelming.

But then the next card is Truth. This feels very affirming and grounding. The color blue makes me think of the voice and expression. We can turn our excitement and extra energy toward new lenses like alignment checks and visionary behavior.


Even when we're "winning" we ought to check in with our Truth (capital T) so we spiritually don't overstay our celebrations.

I felt called to check the guidebook for the Truth card and there was a nice reminder in there. We can't do anything to avoid the truth. The more we lie and deceive and embrace shadow aspects of ourselves and old patterns the further we get from center won't change the truth. How often do we arrive at a point we knew we would have to cross before setbacks and poor decisions.

You got this. What's it feel like today? What can you align with in this moment?

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