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1:1 Sessions

** remote & in-person options available **

Reiki Channeling

This session container is for healing and other spiritual alignments. Reiki works with the invisible universal life-force energy we all have. Sometimes we hold and/or have blockages on that "unseen" level, like stressed emotions leading to a strained back. This intuitive healing approach is great for regular alignment as well as recovery periods.


*Note we are not a medical doctor and will adamantly vocalise boundaries around what is possible and what needs to be referred elsewhere. Energetic consent and soverieign/decolonial praxis are keystones in Trans Alchemy's emergent approach.*

About our Channeler:

Eric studied foundations of Reiki and energetic ecology with Marika Hamahata Sato Clymer (MoonhouseNW) guided by Animist and Shinto frameworks mapped onto the body. They've also studied intuition and channeling with Esoteric Esa (Souliminati). Our practice is further embodied through continued study of womanism, harm reduction, and collective liberation scholarship, including completion of Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism with Resmaa Menakem & Carlin Quin (Education for Racial Equity) as well as emergent experiences that come along this journey. We are always growing and learning with each client and connection.


Card reading and channeling. Sometimes it's a Tarot card sure, but we don't "read Tarot". Sessions can be booked with Cartomancy specifically in mind. We also will sometimes feel called to pull cards during other types of sessions. We always ask consent if it's not already given.


Gather what resonates and release what doesn't. We prefer to do this practice along with clients and encourage them to tune in as well - We don't always need the answers but can sometimes just point at something for you to light up about. These alone are commonly done as a quantum reading with voice notes & photos (instead of needing to meet face-to-face).

Examples of Cartomancy sessions:

  • General read for clarity around an impending job offer

  • Questions around romance and relationships 

  • Curious about a feeling of overwhelm and wanting to know where it might be coming from

  • Helping channel the whereabouts of a lost cat

  • Holiday gift for a secret santa

  • etc etc

To bridge the gap, this is kind of like "coaching" but embodied and guided by Spiritual praxis. We clear our channel and hold space for support and suggestion.


We work well with creatives and artists as much as execs and analytical types. This may be a one-time session or a commitment to continued work together. This tends to be most beneficial when navigating big change or transformation. These sessions tend to triangulate a pathway between a therapy experience, a personal creative experience, and a spiritual or mystical experience. We often engage in a realm that words struggle to language. Vibe. Feeling. Gut sense.


Our approach is guided by collective liberation visionaries in Black feminism, gender and bodily sovereignty, anti-capitalistic and community-focused values, disability and restorative justice, right relationship with the land and plant and animal kin and all we are a part of.


We'll set up a 20-ish minute orientation call to see if we are a good fit for each other. But mostly we just want you to know how great you are for considering this and how humbly excited we feel when holding space for other people's movement and transformations <3

Intuitive Guidance

Group Offerings & Collabs

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Past Offerings

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