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Who am us anyway?

When seeking to live through any wanted or unwanted change in our lives, our future inherently involves a leap or crossing over from where you are currently as well as some elemental and spiritual transformation. Trans Alchemy is a realm that provides care and guidance. We help people exist more authentically and healthfully, aid organizations in curating and shifting culture, hold space for healing on superficial and deep invisible but expansive realms. We train in getting lost in the sauce so we can help support and hold you when you need to do the same.

Trans Alchemy's core is service and healing. If you're recovering from a medical procedure or just need a regular energetic cleanse we can hold healing space and channel Reiki tuned to your specific needs. This work is very present and emergent - there is no cookie-cutter go-to move when it comes to working with energy. Reiki works with your life-force energy, and its flow or lack thereof can manifest physical and emotional symptoms. It essentially works in the quantum field as well which is why sessions can be held remotely. This may be your ideal non-invasive therapy.

At the moment, Trans Alchemy exists through the nurturing of Eric Schackne (they/them). After committing to an embodied and sovereign healing journey, the desire to hold space for others became another step on the path. We're making our way along with emergent beloved community one step at a time. Vision for Trans Alchemy is way more than one person or point of view. Until then we lean into the present reminding ourselves we are sovereign beings every chance we get in this world.

Client Reflections

Image by Erica Li


"Working with Eric was just what the doctor ordered. They are incredibly intuitive, refreshingly perceptive, open hearted and kind. Receiving reiki from Eric is sacred and feels like coming home."

Image by Cristian Palmer


"I felt great after my session with Eric. They are intuitive and have such a calming and peaceful energy that it was a joy to have that time together. It was a safe space and I felt heard and well taken care of."

Image by Jez Timms


"I have watched myself grow TREMENDOUSLY in my creative voice as a result of my one on one work with Eric over the past year. If you’re serious about developing yourself as an artist, go sign up with Eric!!! Their insights are worth gold."

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno


"Eric’s reading for me was beautiful, personal, comforting and accurate. They really took their time guiding me through my quieres in a thoughtful, detailed and soothing way. Their knowledge of the deck was fun to learn about along the way and I felt like I was given caring guidance and closure!"

Colorful Lights


"I appreciated the space eric made for a beautifully animistic approach to the art of card work. emotional and intellectual space was held well. space for the spirit AND space for the soul, the murky underground stuff that we need but don't want. space for the body and the shadow. space was made for myths and memories to show themselves. space for images and voices to emerge from and recede into mystery. no internal signal was dismissed or unwelcome. i guess space is the theme! spaciousness is something that rarely is given the attention and cultivation it deserves in most settings these days. i could sense that eric is skilled in the art of space, in leaning back and leaning in at the right moments, and in offering the grace in which opposites can coexist.

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